Katie Walker , PhD

Associate Director, Fiscal Planning & Analysis, University of Colorado Boulder , Boulder , Colorado

Dr. Katie Walker is the Associate Director of Fiscal Planning and Analysis at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she leads a team in the provision of several specialized service offerings, including unit advisory engagements, fiscal process engineering, and ad-hoc financial analyses and modeling. The Fiscal Planning and Analysis team was formed within the Office of Budget and Fiscal Planning to support the mission and strategic priorities of the University of Colorado Boulder by deploying resources to enhance the structure, transparency, and cohesiveness of the full finance continuum on campus, from central resource planning and analysis to unit-level fiscal stewardship. Dr. Walker strives to ensure that financial planning supports the institutional mission through thorough reporting and analysis, timely communications, and regular engagement with faculty and other stakeholders.

She was formerly the Director of Budget at the Curry School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia, which implemented responsibility center management beginning with fiscal year 2015. Her dissertation research surveyed administrators and executives at seven public, R1 institutions that recently implemented RCM. She found significant differences in the stakeholder perceptions of the institutions' implementation success and provided a framework for future implementers to guide them toward success. Prior to earning her PhD at the University of Virginia, she earned a Master of Teaching in Secondary Education, also from the University of Virginia, and bachelor's degrees in history and anthropology from Arizona State University.