John F. Mikullitz , MBA

National Director, Energy, Aramark , East Schodack , New York

John Mikullitz has dedicated all 25 years of his professional career to the design, development, and implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency programs for Aramark clients. During his career at Aramark, Mr. Mikullitz led some of largest and most recognized comprehensive energy efficiency programs in North America with utility savings exceeding $1 billion. Many of these programs have received local, state, and national recognition for their achievements. Mr. Mikullitz has a BSME from Western New England University and an MBE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Mr. Mikullitz has presented many program successes at conferences and summits including the 2015 NESEA Building Energy Conference, 2015 NYC New York Power Authority Innovators Summit, 2017 International Facility Management Association World Workplace Conference, and the 2018 Physical Plant Managers Association of New York’s Annual Conference.