Monday Morning Learning Opps

Dude, Where’s My Data? Leveraging Data Governance to Improve Analytics

  • Monday, July 15
  • 08:15 AM - 09:30 AM
  • Austin Conv Center
  • Level 4, 16
  • MS


Cathy Bates

Associate Vice President

Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Concord, Massachusetts

August Freda

Campus Data Steward

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana

Joanna Grama

Senior Consultant

Vantage Technology Consulting Group

West Lafyatte, Indiana

Rachel Serrano

Director of Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Business officers are in the unique position of helping lead their institutions toward adopting a data-informed culture that includes both data protection and data use concepts. Although the importance of having a culture of data-informed decision making has long been accepted, most institutions have just begun developing their institutional analytics capacity. In this session, panelists will describe their data governance journeys, including their institutions’ data governance structures, their pain points and celebrations, and how they have leveraged data governance practices to create a campus culture that embraces analytics. Regardless of where your campus is in your analytics journey, this session will help you eliminate the pitfalls of data silos and data hoarding and use data analytics to streamline business processes.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain campus data governance roles and responsibilities
  • Recognize the importance of collaborative, data-informed, decision-making culture
  • Effectively implement a data governance program