Sunday Midday Learning Opps

Better Together: Lessons Learned from Shared Services Implementation

  • Sunday, July 14
  • 01:45 PM - 03:00 PM
  • Austin Conv Center
  • Level 4, 12AB
  • MS


James Kennedy

Associate Vice President

Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana

Sue Palmer

Vice President of Finance and Administration

College of Saint Benedict

St. Joseph, Minnesota

Stephen Schafer

Vice President for Finance and Operations

Sarah Lawrence College

Bronxville, New York

Christine Smith

Managing Director

Baker Tilly

Madison, Wisconsin


Higher education leaders have been called on to create innovative and sustainable models for improvements on campus. Shared services, one possible model of improvement, has the potential to improve student services, remove duplication across campus, and reduce operating costs through increased efficiency. But can shared services work on both large and small campuses? What obstacles might accompany the implementation of shared services—and how can you overcome them? A panel of chief business officers, moderated by an expert in aligning strategy and cost-effective operations, will share their unique experiences and demonstrated success exploring and implementing shared services on their campuses.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify various models of shared services that allow for greater economies of scale and cost efficiencies
  • Understand the key factors for successful shared service models, as well as the potential pitfalls
  • Learn how to begin your journey into shared services