Session Styles

Concurrent Session Types


Moderated point/counterpoint panel consisting of 2-3 panelists who prepare a five-minute response in proposition or opposition to a pre-determined topic or series of sub-topics. Time allotted for audience feedback and possibly “Turn the Tables” where panelists argue for/against their original viewpoints with the objective being to inform.

Audience Participation: Low-Medium

Speaking Time: 60 minutes

Example: A two-to five-minute introduction of the topic with each panelist taking five minutes to introduce themselves and their perspectives on the topic. Then 20 minutes of curated questions from the moderator, 10-15 minutes of Q&A with the audience, ending with a summary and thanks.


A highly interactive session that involves audience participation and small group discussions between participants. Discussions could be used to generate ideas, assess levels of skill and understanding, or solve problems. Sessions generally include 2-4 presenters, each speaking for 5-10 rehearsed minutes about a key topic, followed by 30-50 minutes of free-ranging discussion among presenters and audience.

Audience Participation: High

Speaking Time: 60-75 minutes

Facilitated Deep Dive

This expert-led session, emphasizing interaction, is designed to thoroughly explore a subject or develop a skill or technique. For example, presentations might provide updates on specific content areas; discuss new techniques, processes, procedures, or methods; or describe how knowledge from another discipline can be applied to a problem or topic. The goal is to provide interactive learning opportunities for attendees.

Audience Participation: High

Speaking Time: 60-75 minutes

Single Speaker / Panel

A presentation on a focused subject, common theme/issue containing a minimum of 10 minutes for Q&A. Can be a single speaker or panel (maximum of 4 people).

Audience Participation: Low

Speaking Time: 60-75 minutes


This loosely-structured, participant-driven session facilitates conversation without predefined topics. It is a great opportunity for participants to learn about recent developments and trends in an informal, flexible learning space. Topics are generated by the participants and breakout groups are formed dynamically based on interest and relevance. Experienced facilitator(s) required.

Audience Participation: High

Speaking Time: TBD

View concurrent session examples here from the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Alternative Session Options


A concise 7-to-10-minute presentation on a specific subject. Snapshot sessions focus on an idea, project, workflow, etc. If you’ve always wanted to speak at NACUBO, but haven’t felt like you had enough to say for a full session, this is a great opportunity for you.

Audience Participation: Low

Speaking Time: 7-15 minutes


Specifically targeting technology in the higher education sector, these high energy, concise sessions located in the Expo will highlight what challenges institutions are facing today and how technology solutions can help. Institutional representation required. Sessions will take place at the TECHTalk Pavilion-Exhibit Hall.

Audience Participation: Medium-High

Speaking Time: 45 minutes