Robert Belk , MPP

West Region Cybersecurity Leader, Ernst & Young

Rob is an Executive Director in EY’s Advisory Services Cybersecurity Team. A retired United States Naval officer, he has over twenty years of security experience in various operational and strategic roles.

Rob focuses on the interplay between business risk and technology risk, and the impact of cybersecurity on business strategy for decentralized and federated organizations. He has been working predominantly in the higher education, state government and technology sectors to assist clients in developing cybersecurity governance and integrated defense in depth strategies to better mitigate cyber risk to business operations.

Rob has spoken at various conferences on cybersecurity, addressed multiple Boards of Directors, university cabinets, and C-suites, and led numerous cybersecurity table top exercises at Stanford, Harvard, and for the C-suite of a Fortune 50 corporation. As a Politico-Military Fellow at Harvard, he co-authored an article for the Aspen Institute on cybersecurity and the current threat landscape. Additionally, his award-winning master’s thesis on offensive cyber policy was published by Harvard’s Belfer Center.

Earlier in his career, Rob was a tactical Naval aviator, amassing over 2,500 military flight hours in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft including the F/A-18A-F, SH-60F, and HH-60H. He has made numerous carrier-based and land-based deployments to support national security objectives.