Monday TECHTalks

How Can Business Partners Support Analytics for Financial Sustainability?

  • Monday, July 15
  • 11:45 AM - 01:45 PM
  • EXPO
  • TECHTalk Pavilion
  • MS


Bob Atkins


Gray Associates, Inc.

Concord, Massachusetts

Andy Clark

Industry Executive Director for Higher Education


Michael Gerding

Higher Education Manager

Pilbara Group

Jacksonville, Florida

Lindsay Wayt

Director, Analytics


Washington, District of Columbia


Analytics can help colleges and universities answer questions about the four core components of a sustainable economic model: mission, structure, strengths, and resources. Although colleges and universities often have the data necessary to answer these questions, they may not have the internal resources to do the analytics on their own. This session will present a case study about an institution reconsidering its economic model, and you will hear how three different business partners could offer support to the case study institution.

Learning Objectives

  • Use analytics to support decision making for financial sustainability
  • Leverage business partners to support use of analytics
  • Realize the value of investing in analytics to support your institution’s mission and goals