Monday Morning Learning Opps

Confronting the New Frontier: Battle Armor to Combat Fraud

  • Monday, July 23
  • 08:15 AM - 09:30 AM
  • Long Beach Conv Center
  • Level 1, 102AB
  • IT


With a significant increase in data breaches, many industries, especially higher education, remain vulnerable. Cyberattacks could cause considerable damage and interruption to an institution's operations, reputation, and core mission. Learn from information technology and cybersecurity leaders how to arm your institution by safeguarding data, preparing your technology infrastructure, understanding and preparing for the financial implication of a cyber breach, and knowing the actions to take when a breach occurs.

Learning Objectives

  • Ensure your information technology department is properly prepared and has strengthened defenses against cyberattacks and hacking.
  • Understand the vast financial implications of a cyber breach and properly budget for post-breach expenses.
  • Know the post-breach steps for both your institution and its banking provider if financial systems and data are compromised.