Tuesday Morning Learning Opps

Deloitte Corporate Showcase

Delivering Value from Cloud Transformation: A Program of Continuous Improvement at Yale

  • Tuesday, July 24
  • 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Long Beach Conv Center
  • Level 2, 203BC
  • IT


Cloud-based administrative applications promise to address many of the familiar challenges associated with legacy and on-premises enterprise systems. They claim to offer a better user experience, provide access and social collaboration via mobile devices, feature more standardized and efficient business processes, have improved performance and security, create less dependency on in-house technical capacity, and offer ongoing updates and enhancements driven by industry needs. Has the cloud delivered the value promised? During this session, speakers will describe Yale University’s journey to transform administrative operations by replacing dated Human Capital Management/Payroll (HCM) and Finance (FIN) systems with an integrated cloud platform and establishing a support organization focused on continuous process improvement. They will discuss lessons learned, return on investment achieved to date, and plans for continued value realization.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare the potential benefits of cloud-based systems versus legacy and on-premises enterprise systems.
  • Assess how to realize value from cloud transformation, based on Yale University’s experience.
  • Supplement technology modernization efforts with incremental organizational and process improvements.