Sunday Mid-day Learning Opps

Financial Modeling: How to Move Stakeholders to Action with your Financial Story

  • Sunday, July 22
  • 02:00 PM - 03:15 PM
  • Long Beach Conv Center
  • Level 1, 103AB
  • FIN


Explore common themes, lessons learned, and best practices through supporting strategic financial modeling across both public and private institutions. Understand the value of developing a strategic, multi-year financial model that can strengthen institutional financial management. Follow the journey of two distinct institutions to implement an integrated, comprehensive financial model, as well as their use of—and benefits from—the model as part of their annual cycle. Presenters will share key moments of enlightenment in expanding leadership’s understanding of key variables pertaining to financial risk and volatility, in addition to identifying the major elements of a multi-year financial plan and explaining how to combine those elements into a robust, sustainable model.

Learning Objectives

  • Communicate the value of strategic financial planning, including leveraging a forecast to engage senior leaders, third parties, and other key stakeholders.
  • Employ best practices in strategic financial planning and explain why a multi-year platform is important for strong, robust financial management.
  • Create and sustain a financial model where all stakeholders have trust and confidence in the results.