Host an Event

NACUBO welcomes and encourages networking throughout the 2019 annual meeting. Sponsors and/or Exhibitors have the option of hosting social gatherings or meetings in NACUBO contracted space during the conference. Events have ranged from daily team meetings, half-day retreats/workshops and affinity group cocktail hours.

All space requests are due May 17, 2019, requests submitted after May 17 will not be accepted.


Corporate Partners

Sponsors and/or exhibitors of the 2019 annual meeting may host an event for conference attendee clients in NACUBO contracted space.

Meeting Space Request Form

You must complete the appropriate Meeting Space Request form to reserve space. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon approval of your request, NACUBO will secure appropriate space and provide confirmation to you and the facility.

Host hotel(s) and facilities will forward inquiries and/or expressed interest to NACUBO prior to contracting with the sponsor, and or exhibitor.

Requests may not be made directly to any of the NACUBO contracted hotels or convention center.

Corporate partners

Corporate partners