Sustainability Efforts

NACUBO’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability Initiative

In support of NACUBO's leadership on sustainability efforts, the 2018 annual meeting in Long Beach incorporates the following initiatives to promote environmentally conscious policies focused on resource conservation and sustainable business practices.

Carbon Footprint

Native Energy

Once again, the NACUBO Annual Meeting is fighting global warming with high-quality carbon offsets in partnership with our preferred provider, Native Energy, an organization dedicated to helping build Native American, farmer-owned, and community-based projects. This year we are supporting the Dempsey Ridge project.

City of Long Beach Initiatives

Learn how Long Beach strives to preserve its natural resources through its green practices.

Long Beach Convention Center

  • Solar panels were installed on the roof of the Exhibit Halls in September 2006 and to date they have produced enough energy to provide power to 21,500 homes for a single day. The energy that has been provided by these solar panels has also resulted in the elimination of the pollution that an average passenger vehicle emits over a period of 49,000 days.
  • Attempts to decrease energy consumption are also made through the participation in a special program with Southern California Edison called the Demand Bidding Program. Under this program, the facility agrees to reduce energy consumption by a specific amount during certain high demand or shortage periods.

The Queen Mary

  • The Queen Mary is docked at The Port of Long Beach, the second busiest seaport in the United States, and creator of the Green Port Policy.
  • The Sir Winston restaurant aboard The Queen Mary has partnered with the Aquarium of the Pacific “Seafood for the Future” program dedicated to sustainable practices based off environmental factors.

What You Can Do

During the Annual Meeting

  • Recycle cans and paper at recycling stations throughout the convention center.
  • Use your NACUBO tote and the annual meeting app during your stay in Long Beach.
  • Reuse towels and sheets to reduce consumption of energy, water, and soap at your hotel.
  • Choose eco-friendly food and beverage options that are locally produced.

Exploring the City

Walk your way around one of the top ten most walkable cities in America! The local waterfront is more than sand and sun. Walk along the beach or through parks and neighborhoods to local attractions and other points of interest with more than 100 restaurants within an eight-block area.

Green Initiatives at Airport

The latest in solar technology shines at the Long Beach Airport with solar trees. The transition to electricity will replace less efficient energy systems for other airport services.


Long Beach hotels are working toward green certification using water conservation and sustainable practices. Hotels are embracing changes in their day-to-day operations to meet green certification standards and offer their eco-minded guests an enjoyable and environmentally responsible stay.


Get green on the go with low to zero emission hybrid, or alternative transportation.

  • Long Beach Yellow Cab has a fleet of 31 taxis equipped with hybrid technology or operating on clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG). The models consist of hybrid Toyota Prius, the standard-bearer of all “green” vehicles, the hybrid Ford Escape and the CNG-powered Ford Crown Victoria.
  • Long Beach Transit super-sized the hybrid revolution with its brightly decaled.
  • “E-Power” Hybrid Busses. The 40-foot vehicles are the first production hybrid gasoline-electric buses to be introduced into regular transit service in the world.
  • Now there’s no chance of missing the bus with Long Beach Transit’s TranSmart, a satellite controlled computerized tracking system used to alert passengers of exact arrival of the next bus; it almost anticipates your next move.
  • Long Beach Transit has installed high-quality bike racks on all of its standard buses. Now riders can help reduce air pollution by biking to the nearest bus stop and bring their bikes at no additional cost.
  • And don’t forget to Bike Metro! Increase your mobility by riding your bike to and from Metro Rail and Bus stations. Whether you decide to take your bike on board or park it at the station, Metro has many solutions to assist cyclists to where they need to go.