Session Styles

Please read the following descriptions carefully, and indicate in your proposal submission the most appropriate format for your proposed presentation. The typical learning opps at the annual meeting is 75 minutes in length, but session length may vary depending on the presentation style.


A panel session generally will include two to four presenters each speaking for 15 to 20 minutes discussing a common theme/issue, followed by 15 to 30 minutes of discussion/Q & A.

Single Speaker

A presentation by a single speaker on a focused subject. Single speakers must be from a college or university.


A brief, concise presentation of no more than 20 minutes on a specific subject. NACUBO may combine snapshot presentations that address similar topics/themes into one learning opps.

Group Discussion

A highly interactive session that will require small group discussions between participants. These group discussions could be used to generate ideas, assess levels of skill and understanding, or solve problems that relate theory to practice. Discussions generally include two to four presenters each speaking for 5-10 rehearsed minutes about a key topic, followed by 30-50 minutes of free-ranging discussion among presenters and audience. Presenters are expected to have carefully read one another's work ahead of time, have prepared questions for one another and the audience and facilitate audience participation.

In the Hot Seat

Sessions that use material from a single or a set of “hot topic” cases to illustrate issues that have generated headlines. These sessions may involve a facilitator interviewing a single presenter from the case institution, a panel or involve more audience Q & A.

CBO Speaks

A short, carefully planned talk on a subject by a CBO that will foster learning. The typical presentation should be 20 minutes or less by a single CBO. NACUBO may combine multiple CBO presentations into one learning opps.


A deeper dive session emphasizing interaction designed to thoroughly explore a subject, or develop a skill or technique. For example, workshops might provide updates on specific content areas, discuss new techniques, processes, procedures, or methods, or describe how knowledge from another discipline can be applied to a problem or topic. The goal of workshop sessions is to provide interactive learning opportunities for attendees. Workshops can be 90 to 150 minutes in length.


A presentation style not covered above. Please describe how you plan to deliver your presentation in the proposal description, and bear in mind we are looking for instructional sessions that aim to help participants increase their understanding and skills on topics that address current challenges in the higher education industry.