Advancing Inclusivity by Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students

  • Monday, July 23
  • 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM
  • Long Beach Conv Center
  • Level 1, 101AB
  • SK


Manuel Diaz

Assistant Dean of Students at Pomona College & Director of the Queer Resource Center of The Claremont Colleges

The Claremont Colleges



The landscape of who goes to college has changed in the last two decades with more openly-identified LGBTQIA+ students arriving on campuses across the nation. Many institutions are not readily equipped to fully meet the needs of and address challenges experienced by students with marginalized sexual and gender identities. This session will (1) review some of the challenges and issues LGBTQIA+ students encounter on campus and (2) identify ways administrative staff can better support students' identity development and educational experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore foundations of sexuality and gender.
  • Review the coming out process for LGBTQIA+ college students.
  • Learn how to enact allyship.