Monday Morning Learning Opps

Hot Topics in Risk Management that the CFO Needs to Know

  • Monday, July 23
  • 08:15 AM - 09:30 AM
  • Long Beach Conv Center
  • Level 1, 103AB
  • BMO


Luke Figora

AVP, Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Northwestern University

Evanston, Illinois

Samuel Florio

Director, Risk Management and Compliance

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara, California

Tish Gade-Jones

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Nebraska Wesleyan University

Lincoln, Nebraska

Cheryl Lloyd

Associate Vice President & Chief Risk Officer

University of California, Office of the President

Oakland, California

Jenny Whittington

Executive Director

University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA)

Bloomington, Indiana


Institutions of higher education face an ever-changing risk portfolio—international, cybersecurity, commercialization and technology transfer, compliance, and more. Join the University Risk Management & Insurance Association (URMIA) for an interactive discussion of risk featuring a panel of experts that represents the higher education sector spectrum. In addition to discovering best practices for your top concerns, you’ll receive a copy of URMIA’s risk inventory tool.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess your risk concerns against the experience and expertise of other higher education risk managers.
  • Recognize developments that are changing the risk profile of higher education institutions.
  • Assemble strategies to manage emerging risk, including use of the URMIA risk inventory.