Tuesday Morning Learning Opps

Data Analytics Tell a Compelling Deferred Maintenance Story

  • Tuesday, July 24
  • 08:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Long Beach Conv Center
  • Level 2, 201A
  • SK


Denise Meyer

Facilities Management Project Coordinator

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland

Nicole Miskimon

Associate Director, Facilities Management

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland

Dawn Rhodes

Chief Business & Finance Officer and Vice President

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland


Colleges and universities face the challenge of keeping up with funding deferred maintenance and the planning and prioritization to support decision making. How can you convince others of the importance of addressing deferred maintenance? How do you prioritize deferred maintenance projects? UMB’s strategic process made the connection among data, operations, and budgeting: Data visualization successfully sold the rest of the campus on the necessity of addressing deferred maintenance. Learn how the institution collected, analyzed, prioritized, and then utilized data to make decisions and support the planning initiative.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the steps in a comprehensive strategic facility assessment program.
  • Recognize the layers of analysis required to inform decision making.
  • Unleash the power of data visualization as a communication tool.