Monday Afternoon Learning Opps

Transforming the Clunky University: Leading for Discovery and Delivery

  • Monday, July 31
  • 03:45 PM - 05:00 PM
  • Minneapolis Conv Ctr
  • 102D
  • SK


Samuel Bacharach

McKelvey-Grant Professor

Cornell University

New York, New York


The speaker—author of The Agenda Mover: When Your Good Idea Is Not Enough (2016) and the soon-to-be-published The Clunky Organization: Leading for Discovery and Delivery—will discuss how leaders succeed when the nature of the university itself makes it difficult to create and sustain change. He’ll examine how business officers can better understand their environment and the expectations that may govern what they can and cannot do, plus explore ways to use political agility to marshal support for worthy ideas.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop the skills of contextual awareness to pick up signals and understand cues from your environment.
  • Discover ways to let good ideas surface and then move them forward.
  • Learn how to overcome resistance, marshal support, and sustain momentum to put good ideas in place.