Sunday Mid-day Learning Opps

The General Counsel as a Strategic Partner with the Business Officer

  • Sunday, July 30
  • 02:00 PM - 03:15 PM
  • Minneapolis Conv Ctr
  • 208B
  • BMO


Craig Alexander

Director of Legal Resources

National Association of College and University Attorneys

Washington, District of Columbia

Lisa Brown

Vice President and General Counsel

Georgetown University

Washington, District Of Columbia

W. Scott Cole

Vice President and General Counsel

University of Central Florida

Orlando, Florida

Lynne Schaefer

Vice President for Finance & Administration

University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Baltimore, Maryland


As the role of the general counsel to colleges and universities continues to evolve, the attorney is increasingly seen as a strategic partner in all aspects of institutional operations. In this session, two general counsels—one from a public university and one from a private university—will join a business officer to discuss the most effective ways of creating a strategic partnership between the legal and business functions. They’ll cover partnering with the general counsel in risk identification, assessment, and management, plus how counsel’s knowledge of institutional governance can help advance business office and institutional goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Leverage the perspectives brought by the general counsel to advance institutional goals and objectives.
  • Create a positive and effective relationship with your institution’s general counsel.
  • Clarify what a general counsel needs to know to best respond to a business officer’s needs.