Tuesday Mid-day Learning Opps

Strategic Alliances: Don't just survive...Prosper

  • Tuesday, August 01
  • 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Minneapolis Conv Ctr
  • 102D
  • BMO


Keith Fowlkes

Vice President, E&I Technology Category

E&I Cooperative Services

Jericho, New York

Robert Keasler

Vice President of Administration and Finance

Shenandoah University

Winchester, Virginia


Many institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain their current operational model independently—but they don’t want to merge with another institution and lose their unique history, traditions, and programs. Finding a balance between distinctiveness and cooperation may be the key for many institutions to not only survive, but prosper. The Higher Education Systems & Services (HESS) Consortium offers institutions a platform to engage in as many—or as few—strategic alliances as determined by their needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Employ strategic alliances to change your business model.
  • Discover where to find partners in a new model.