Monday Morning Learning Opps

AGB Corporate Showcase

New Business Models for Higher Education

  • Monday, July 31
  • 08:30 AM - 09:45 AM
  • Minneapolis Conv Ctr
  • 205C
  • MS


Jim Hundrieser

Associate Managing Principal

Association of Governing Boards, Institutional Strategies

Washington, District of Columbia

John Palmucci

Senior Consultant

Association of Governing Boards Institutional Strategies

Punta Gorda, Florida


How can institutions align costs, promote revenue growth through investments in programs and services, and ensure financial sustainability? This session will focus on the macro trends shaping higher education and provide examples of institutions that have successfully used one or more of these trends to shape their business model. The speakers will discuss how institutions can align today’s trends with their own missions and core competencies in order to diversify and grow revenue.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how to use macro trends in higher education to determine where investments may be made to grow and diversify revenue.
  • List specific examples and best practices of how institutions have leveraged institutional mission and core competencies to implement new business models.
  • Articulate strategies and tactics to enable your own institution to develop new or additional revenue sources.