Tuesday Afternoon Learning Opps

Accruent Corporate Showcase

A Data-Driven Approach to Strategic Capital Planning

  • Tuesday, August 01
  • 01:45 PM - 03:00 PM
  • Minneapolis Conv Ctr
  • 205C
  • FIN


Tim McLean

Associate Vice President of Strategy


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Neha Shah

Product Marketing Manager



To build a campus budget that prioritizes the institution’s mission and values, financial officers and staff need deeper insights into short- and long-term needs and the use of resources. These insights become more critical when the institution is preparing to meet program needs through facility expansion. Although capital expansion projects suggest a prosperous campus environment and may appear to boost enrollment, they also carry a long-term financial commitment. For some institutions—particularly those with smaller enrollments and endowments—new construction can have dire consequences if it consumes too large a percent of total resources. The presenters will provide a data-driven framework for tapping into existing information—including facility condition, space utilization and allocation, and maintenance records—to plan strategically, achieve more effective use of resources, and improve customer satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

  • Build and defend mission-centric, data-driven capital plans.
  • Reduce risk and build financial continuity for your institution.
  • Communicate your capital planning strategy to the board of trustees, faculty, students, and parents.