Sally Grans Korsh , FAIA, LEED AP

Director, Facilities Management and Environmental Policy, NACUBO , Washington, District Of Columbia

Sally Grans Korsh is one of the directors in NACUBO's Advocacy and Issue Analysis department to provide content knowledge in her field. She works collaboratively with staff throughout the organization to deliver innovative, high quality information, programs, products and services for the membership and other stakeholders relating to facilities and environmental policy.

As a seasoned professional, she is the association’s primary project manager for the portfolio of facilities issues (including deferred maintenance, space use and capital financing), environmental, and sustainability issues as well as other related concerns. Acting as a knowledge broker, she uses her analytical skills and technical expertise to focus efforts on issues that have the greatest potential impact on colleges and universities. Additionally, she staffs the Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) of NACUBO. Prior to joining NACUBO in 2013, she served for 12 years as the System Director for Planning at Mn State Colleges & University (53 campuses), as a project manager for Mn State Dept of Admin for eight years (team leader for Community College system as well as Dept of Corrections) and in private architectural practice. She is a fellow in the American Institute of Architects, LEED AP certified, and loves biking. Her hometown is Minneapolis – so ask her questions!

She welcomes comments, suggestions, accomplishments on your campus challenges in the facilities and environmental stewardship realm. Please contact her directly at 202-861-2571 or - or when in Mpls call/text 612-310-3881.