Mary Peloquin-Dodd

Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and University Treasurer, NC State University , Raleigh, North Carolina

Mary Peloquin-Dodd is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and University Treasurer (AVC) at North Carolina State University. She came to NC State in May 2012, as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and University Treasurer. She served as Interim Vice Chancellor from October 2015 to January 2016.

In her position as AVC, she oversees all University Finance departments including the Controllers Office, Office of Contracts and Grants, Foundations Accounting and Investments (which oversees the University’s endowment and LLCs); Strategic Debt Management (which oversees the University’s debt portfolio as well as real estate financial management); University Cashiers Office; and Materials Management. She previously provided leadership to the University Real Estate Office.

Mary is also an officer of the University’s Endowment Fund, the NC State Investment Fund, Inc. and 15 of the university’s affiliated entities. Before joining NC State, Mary was a Managing Director at Standard & Poor’s in New York, and Senior Analytical Leader of the US Higher Education and Not-for-Profit Corporate Ratings Group. Mary spent nearly 25 years at S&P, and became a widely known analyst in the field of higher education finance. She holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill.