Jason Rodriguez

Strategic Initiatives Analyst, University of California, Riverside , Riverside, California

Jason Rodriguez serves as the communications lead for UC Riverside’s Organizational Excellence Planning Committee and has worked on several campus-wide initiatives, including Activity-Based Costing and UCR’s Budget Model Redesign. Prior to UCR, Mr. Rodriguez worked for the former US Ambassador to the Arab Emirates, partnering with the US Department of Defense to develop governance and economic training sessions for military units deploying to Afghanistan. In this work he also facilitated collaborative meetings of senior professionals responding to humanitarian crises worldwide, including military, government, international agency, non-profit and corporate representatives. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Mr. Rodriguez is well-acquainted with the importance and benefits of a community-driven, grass-roots, collaborative approach to change and development. Mr. Rodriguez holds a Masters of International Development Policy from the Duke University School of Public Policy as well as BA in Psychology from Georgetown University.