J. Craig Goebel

Principal, Art & Science Group , Baltimore, Maryland

Craig Goebel’s consulting experience covers a wide range of assignments: major pricing and positioning studies; comparative admissions and financial aid assessments; financial aid modeling projects; as well as recruitment marketing and communications work.

Over the last 20 years, he has consulted for private and public research universities, liberal arts colleges, law, graduate and professional schools, and international and specialty schools. At the same time, Craig has played a pivotal role in the expansion of the scope and quality of firm’s research capabilities. He managed all of the firm’s early research in pricing and has continued to advance the strategic value of pricing studies as a roadmap for critical pricing, positioning, and financial aid decisions.

In addition to his consulting responsibilities, Craig oversees the firm’s in-house and fieldhouse research operations. He has been instrumental in refining the firm’s research methods and practices, particularly in the use of predictive modeling and its application in pricing, branding, financial aid, recruitment, and alumni studies. Craig also oversees all of the firm’s financial aid modeling assignments, working with a broad range of institutions. His expertise on the application of predictive research methods to drive decision-making on pricing and financial aid has made him a regular presenter at national higher education conferences around the country.


BS Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin – Madison