Elizabeth Turner , AIA, CPHC, MArch, MS-Sustainable Design

Architect and Campus Planner, Precipitate, PLLC , Minneapolis, Minnesota

Elizabeth Turner, AIA, Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC), is an architect with a passion for both design for higher education and education about sustainable design. She most recently taught the Sustainability Studies Minor Capstone Project course at the University of Minnesota, guiding student teams to complete projects on campus and in the surrounding community. She aims to utilize research to facilitate informed decision-making in her work to best support sustainability goals while improving human health, equity, and student success. An advocate of participatory stakeholder engagement processes, she worked recently to gamify the complex prioritization surrounding campus resilience to foster informed discussion. Her thesis project for her MS in Sustainable Design at the University of Minnesota, Envisioning the Carbon Neutral Campus: Planning for Reduced Energy Consumption through Data Analysis and Visualization, explored ways to bridge the gap between architecture, planning, engineering, and education, and this has been the focus of her professional career.